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CIRRUS is a trusted leading name in industrial Process Instrumentation and Automation systems, having expertise in Level Control and Monitoring Instruments, flowmeters. We have been providing our technical solutions towards controlling, measuring, indicating and monitoring of various industrial parameters viz. level, flow, temperature, pressure etc. through our wide range of well designed products. Our product range includes solid and liquid Level Control & monitoring Instruments, Flow Meters, Pressure measuring Instruments, Temperature controllers, process indicators with diversified interest into Automation systems, process control, plant automation, air filtration products & analytical instruments. Our level instruments are widely being in use in applications like water, sewage, acids, chemicals, oil, juices, cement, powders, solid, coal, molasses, sugar, food, pharmaceutical, diesel, sand, F.O, rice, plastic granules, pharmaceuticals & many other Industrial media including toxic mediums in the form of Liquids, Solids, Powders or Granules. We design & make instruments for major industrial application including customized variants and models for special and OEM applications. Ranging from our simple operating side mounted level switches for level controlling to non-contact Ultrasonic level transmitters with analogue output, flow meters for steam, feed water & gases, our wide range of automation products are well conversed in major leading Industrial sector.

Every industry needs control and monitoring of their various process media during their processing, handling or storage, like inventory liquids, fuel, raw material such as chemicals, oil, acids, powders, food products, powders, ores etc., or even the precious element of earth water. Each field requires constant monitoring & consumption control, for which we have been developing, making & providing our products including level switches, level transmitters, level indicators, level gauges, process Indicators, sensors, pressure transmitters, temperature controllers, flow meters, automation systems, motor control panels, PLC panels, loop controls. Solutions like diesel tank centralized level automation, water treatment plant automation, hopper feed control, flow control are some major achievements we have been providing to leading industrial names & OEM's. Our solution are well being used by various industries including Power plants, Water treatment units, Chemical, Oil, Steel, Aluminum, Automobile, Electronic, Electrical, Breweries, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Cement, Paper, Rubber, Textile, Fertilizer, Tyre, Food etc. to name a few.

We are committed towards serving industry with our quality bound yet economical instruments. Our team of Engineers is well experienced in the field of Instrumentation, design and quality, endeavor to strengthen up the organization towards flourishing growth in Domestic & International market. In line with harboring growth we do keep upgrading ourselves vide enhancing design & operational working of our products along with continuous improvement based on precious customer feedbacks and adding on new products and adapting new technologies so as to strengthen ourselves in our automation field. Going through our website should you require any information on our products, please feel free to contact us.



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